Will Any NFL Team Go 16-0 or 0-16 in the 2019 Season?

In the NFL, any group could go out of a playoff afterthought into a contender in consecutive seasons. Nevertheless, in regards to clubs doing either exceedingly well or badly, that choice is on the dining desk too.
BetOnline is offering a prop on if any squad will go 16-0 at the 2019 NFL season, with the likelihood of this occurring at +900 and also the odds of it not happening at -1800. Conversely, the probability of a team going 0-16 sit at +950 using a -1900 price for every franchise to win at least one match.
The previous team to complete a perfect regular season was the 2007 New England Patriots, that came up at a 17-14 Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants.
The 2015 Carolina Panthers won 14 consecutive games to start the year before falling into the Atlanta Falcons in their 15th match, and the 2009 Indianapolis Colts accomplished the same feat prior to seeing their ideal regular-season hopes end. In both instances, the Panthers and Colts??ended up losing the Super Bowl.
Before the NFL switched out of a 14-game regular season into some 16-game 1, the 1972 Miami Dolphins completed a great season and play en route to a Super Bowl victory along with a pristine 17-0 record. To this day, that team stays the only one to win Super Bowl while neglecting to drop a regular-season contest.
The odds of an NFL franchise neglecting to notch a regular-season victory are significantly higher. The 2017 Cleveland Browns have been the symbol of futility in the last several years, as the Hue Jackson-led bunch didn’t get one win in yet another very lengthy effort in Northeast Ohio.
The 2008 Detroit Lions became the primary non-expansion team to drop every match in a full season as the Second World War, that can be all you will need to understand about how badly that year went.??
According to the most current Super Bowl odds, the Dolphins are projected to be the most powerful team in the league in +15000 odds. The Cincinnati Bengals (+12500), Arizona Cardinals (+10000), Buffalo Bills (+10000) and Washington Redskins (+10000) are not away.
Do you believe any NFL squad will go either 16-0 or 0-16 at 2019? If this is so, which team is the likeliest to perform it? Have your say in the comment section below. For more betting information on the gridiron, head on to our NFL page.
Odds at August 6 in BetOnline
Odds at August 6 in BetOnline

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